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    Kristin Strohecker at |

    Great post. The “who, why, and how” covered in the article are very useful for looking at the lessons capture process. It would also be interesting to address the “who, why, and how” in the content of lessons; e.g., what makes a useful lesson to learn from going forward, especially when those who need to learn from the lesson aren’t necessarily the same team that generated it?

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    Dennis Pearce at |

    Thanks Kristin — good point about the who, why, and how for what makes a lesson useful. While I don’t use those words exactly, I do touch on this idea somewhat in:

    Lesson 10: Scoping
    Lesson 11: Dissemination
    Lesson 12: Integration

    It’s not an easy problem to solve because you need to figure out (1) how specific or generalizable the lesson is that you’re capturing and then (2) ensure that you’ve got the right amount of context around it. The farther away the audience is organizationally from those who experienced the lesson, the more context there will need to be around it to make it useful.


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