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Free webinar on gender equality in knowledge management, 14 November

In an article earlier this year coinciding with International Women’s Day, I raised the issue of gender equality in knowledge management (KM).

The free SGP Gender Cafe webinar on 14 November offers the opportunity to further explore this important issue. The webinar is a joint initiative of UNICEF and the Society of Gender Professionals (SGP).

Join an interactive conversation to reflect on gender equality in knowledge management at UNICEF and beyond. You will learn about tools and strategies you can use in your work to make knowledge sharing more inclusive. Research shows that diversity is one of the most powerful motivators for a group of people to search for information, and leads to better decision making and problem solving. You will hear from panelists about using inclusive knowledge management systems and how to foster a culture of practice-based learning.

To find out more, see the webinar flier, and to register, visit the online registration form.

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