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Dr Jen Frahm from Conversations of Change and frequent RealKM Magazine contributor Lena Ross from #changehacks have launched new change management books.

From the authors:

Conversations of Change

Dr Jen Frahm: Conversations of Change is your pragmatic, no-nonsense guide on how to implement change well. It makes it easy for managers and early career practitioners to work out how to set up for change success, who they need to help them, and what to consider in their workplace change efforts. It’s a “must read” for those new to change, and a “should read” for those who want to improve how they do it.

Hacking for Agile Change

Lena Ross: Hacking for Agile Change is the go-to book for change leaders and practitioners wanting to stay ahead of the pack with approaches to deliver agile and human-centric change. Lena’s book is packed with over 50 practical and proven tips and hacks you can apply in your change initiative on any project type in your organisation. This is one book you will keep going back to, again and again, as you experiment with tips that get real cut-through. It’s been described by reviewers as “forward-thinking” and “long overdue”.

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