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    Being misdiagnosed as BPD, when my proper diagnosis is PTSD, treatment resistant major depression and GAD was one of the worst experiences of my life.
    The medications I received to treat the wrongly diagnosed BPD included Lamotrigine, which caused me a severe skin rash, and the terrible Olanzapine, that caused me anxiety binge eating, weight gain, insulin resistance, worsened my depression so badly that I had to quit University. This was between 2011 and 2016. I still suffer from insulin resistance and overweight, my self esteem was permanently damaged and my I don’t trust psychiatrist any more.

    A misdiagnosis in the mental health area, ANY, it can risk the patient’s life. I understand you support BPD because that’s the struggle you’re close to, but being from a third world South American country, where BPD is overwhelmingly over diagnosed in young women, bypassing the real issue just because the patient is stereotyped and fit some criteria, causes the same amount of damage.


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