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    I am from a third world country in South America, where public health in general is very bad, mental health much worse, but if you have money to pay private health and get second, third and fourth opinions, patience and most important, a support system of family or friends, you can find some help. It amazes me that you mention BPD as an “unknown” illness, when it’s one of the most common diagnosis, at least for women. I was misdiagnosed as BPD by several psychiatrists, some of them quite expensive, just because I engaged on self injury as a consequence of PTSD. They immediately thought Self injury equals BPD because I’m a woman and never thought about the other factors. DBT therapy helped me but the medications ruined my health, causing me insulin resistance, worsening my anxiety and my major depression. I lost my job and had to quit Uni. All because the misdiagnosis of BPD and the terrible side effects of the wrong meds and being out of the proper medication. I suffered an allergic reaction too. This happened 7 years ago and I still can’t recover, despite being in the proper meds now.


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