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    Sally Chik at |

    Congratulations on 1000 readers!

    It’s been a pleasure to have the opportunity to contribute to RealKM amongst great contributors covering the many interesting aspects of KM. Thank you Steven and Bruce for all of your hard work in making it happen!

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    Bruce Boyes at |

    Many thanks Stephen for great comments, but much greater credit must go to you for having the vision and foresight to establish RealKM, and of course for all of the hard work you continue to put into it. I’m privileged to be involved in creating and growing something so widely beneficial, and I look forward to the readership continuing to expand. I also look forward to further valuable contributions from our authors, including more of Sally’s excellent articles.

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    Carolyn at |

    Well done to all at RealKM …it’s a great read and the breadth and depth of articles is both informative and interesting…peppered with intelligent commentary makes for a winning combination. I predict the next 1000 readers will be tuning in shortly.


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