RealKM Connect Seminars

RealKM Connect offers bi-monthly half-day seminars and an annual all-day conference. Tickets to individual seminars and other RealKM Connect events can be purchased through Eventbrite.

Next seminar

Using social capital to build organisational capability, 31 March 2017

The March 2017 RealKM Connect seminar will explore how organisations leverage the intellectual capital that resides external to the organisation to achieve organisational objectives. What sort of resources are out there, how can you access and trust them. What are the risks involved? Most importantly, how can you keep them engaged?

This workshop includes an activity, “Race to Mars”, as well as a knowledge café to explore practical ways to find and build social capital to support speculation as to the nature of organisations of the future, the transformation of the knowledge worker, and the formal and informal work relationships that will develop.

Results from the workshop will be shared with the participants with strategies that can be implemented in the workplace.

Previous seminars

Are you standard? Aligning knowledge processes with current ISO & AU Standards, 31 January 2017

The January 2017 RealKM Connect seminar explored the practical application of standards to knowledge processes. Guest presenter Arthur Shelley ran through the existing ISO and AU standards and guidelines, and an audit of knowledge processes using the Knowledge Ready Organization assessment criteria (aligned with the standards’ requirements).

Workshop participants then used the material to create a prioritised plan for application.

Introductory seminar, 25 November 2016

RealKM Connect presented a 2-hour introductory seminar on 25 November 2016, demonstrating the approach being taken by RealKM Connect in adopting a rigorous and evidence-based approach to knowledge management.

The seminar included a presentation by Stephen Bounds from KnowQuestion as well as an interactive workshop where participants discussed KM approaches to solving organisational problems.

Key points from Stephen’s presentation are being featured in a series of articles.