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Applied Understanding: Restaurant Covers [Systems thinking & modelling series]

This is part 22 of a series of articles featuring the book Beyond Connecting the Dots, Modeling for Meaningful Results.

Have you ever considered the dynamics associated with arriving at a restaurant, being seated, served, and then the seating being used by another party once you leave? The “Restaurant Covers” model, developed by Lise Inman and Keith Margerison, provides an introduction to those dynamics.

Interactive model: Restaurant Covers

Serving customers at a restaurant can have substantial variation.

Restaurant Covers

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Next edition: Applied Understanding: Control Theory.

Article sources: Beyond Connecting the Dots, Insight Maker. Reproduced by permission.

Header image source: Beyond Connecting the Dots.

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Scott Fortmann-Roe and Gene Bellinger

Scott Fortmann-Roe, creator of Insight Maker, and Gene Bellinger, creator of SystemsWiki, have written the innovative interactive book "Beyond Connecting the Dots" to demystify systems thinking and modelling.

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