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Web of wonder: Creating the future [Systems thinking & modelling series]

This is part 2 of a series of articles featuring the book Beyond Connecting the Dots, Modeling for Meaningful Results.

Yesterday’s actions are responsible for the the world we experience today. And today’s actions are responsible for the world that we will experience tomorrow. The “Creating the Future” interactive learning environment (ILE) is intended to provide a better sense of the common process associated with the unexpected unfolding of the future.

Interactive model: Creating the Future

There is meaning to it all.

Creating the Future

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If this ILE presents the elements essential to addressing a situation without making things worse, how do you get better at doing this? How do you improve your chances of creating the future you’re trying to create? All too often the world around us seems so complicated. Pursuit of our dreams can be so apparently difficult that we almost want to give up. The answer is to find the essence within the complicated, allowing us to develop a web of understanding. The next few sections will specifically address how we get better at this.

Next edition: Web of wonder: Patterns in the web.

Article sources: Beyond Connecting the Dots, Insight Maker. Reproduced by permission.

Header image source: Beyond Connecting the Dots.

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Scott Fortmann-Roe and Gene Bellinger

Scott Fortmann-Roe, creator of Insight Maker, and Gene Bellinger, creator of SystemsWiki, have written the innovative interactive book "Beyond Connecting the Dots" to demystify systems thinking and modelling.

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