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From 2016, 28 September is International Day for the Universal Access to Information

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The 38th session of the General Conference of UNESCO, held in November 2015, has proclaimed 28 September as International Day for the Universal Access to Information, starting from 2016.

The proclamation:

Invites all Member States, United Nations system organizations, and other international and regional organizations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals, to celebrate the Day in a manner which each considers most appropriate
Some civil society organizations and government bodies already celebrate 28 September as International Right to Know Day, with activities including conferences, workshops, marches, concerts, publications on access to information, and petitions calling on governments to adopt and implement laws on access to information.
In making the proclamation, UNESCO believes that holding activities such as these on a recognized day:
…will ensure that the day of 28 September is used to engage and educate citizens and public authorities as to the importance of access to information as a fundamental human right and also to take advantage of raising public awareness for its importance, particularly through access to information interventions through media literacy.
How will your agency or organisation celebrate International Day for the Universal Access to Information?
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