A startup founder’s thoughts on diversity: it matters!

A recent article in RealKM Magazine discussed the benefits of diversity for performance.

Illustrating these benefits, Roger Wu talks about how he didn’t realise how much diversity matters until he entered the startup realm. He provides a series of examples of how diversity can stimulate and facilitate innovation. For example:

If we all thought the same, we wouldn’t think of anything new or different. Remember, it took a designer to disrupt hospitality (Airbnb) and a computer programmer to disrupt newspapers (Craigslist).

He concludes with this advice:

To be able to see different, think different, and do things different, have a team that is different—you don’t know the things that you don’t know, but your team might.

Wu runs, an advertising platform, previously founded, an interactive video platform, and has been involved in other startups.

Source: Quartz.

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