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Knowledge Sharing Methods and Tools : A Facilitator’s Guide

Canada’s International Development Research Centre and the International Fund for Agricultural Development have published a facilitator’s guide for people wanting to train their staff or volunteers in knowledge sharing methods and tools.

Relentlessly practical, including recommended activities and times for each activity, the guide contains a wealth of ideas and scenarios helpful to anyone who needs to get their people engaged and reaching out to colleagues, collaborators and stakeholders. Techniques covered include:

  • Social network mapping and analysis
  • Tools treasure hunt
  • Video storytelling
  • Speed sharing
  • Chat show
  • Jumpstart storytelling
  • World Café
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Peer Assist
  • KM Self-Assessment

For those who are time-poor, we recommend starting on page 19. This will jump you straight to workshop materials after a brief introduction to the fundamentals of adult learning.

Source: KM4Dev

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Stephen Bounds

Stephen Bounds is an Information and Knowledge Management Specialist with a wide range of experience across the government and private sectors. As founding editor of RealKM and Executive, Information Management at Cordelta, Stephen provides clear strategic thinking along with a hands-on approach to help organisations successfully develop and implement modern information systems.

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